Cllr Liam Walker, a Conservative who is Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for Highways Delivery and Operations believe it or not, has been forced to backtrack after replying to the tweet, which also suggests that cyclists should “f*ck off over” to the Netherlands. 

Cllr Walker has now deleted the reply, that originally appeared under a thread in which he appeared to criticise new cycle lanes installed during the pandemic. He claimed that cycling levels were going down as the weather turned and people return to work and the school run, while a number of people replied arguing that cycling levels are going down again because of increased danger on the roads due to more motor vehicle traffic. 

Cllr Walker has (sort of) apologised for his tweet, saying that he has deleted it because reading “all sort of expletives” about himself “takes its toll”: 

“I am sorry if anyone was offended, it was just a tongue-in-cheek comment off the back of that article”, Walker told the Oxford Mail. 

“Obviously I did not say it, I implied I agreed with the view.

“I hear a lot about what is going on in Holland but we are not the same as Holland. We are trying to do the best we can to improve infrastructure but with restricted funding.”

Oxfordshire County Council confirmed that they had received a number of complaints about Cllr Walker’s conduct, with a spokesperson saying: “Oxfordshire County Council has received complaints about this matter, and they will be investigated by the monitoring officer.

“The council has a member code of conduct and has adopted a complaints procedure for assessing whether this has been breached. The monitoring officer will investigate this matter over the next few days in accordance with that procedure.”

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