LIMA — Quality bikes and customer service are what sets Crankers Cycling on 401 N. Main St. apart from other bike shops in the Lima area, according to Kent Fultz, Crankers Cycling owner.

He has been at his current location for almost three years, a building that is more than twice the size of his old building on 1229 N. West St. This is his third location since opening in 2009.

“Bicycle shops deserve to be in a tall old janky building,” said Fultz. “That’s always been my vision of it. The biggest change that my business has experienced is more room for the growth that we had over the years.”

Crankers Cycling offers over a hundred bikes ranging from $300 to approximately $12,000. Fuji, Cannondale, ElliptiGo, Montague, Sun, Dahon, Origin8 and Mobo are just some of the bike brands that he offers.

“Our bikes are life bikes,” said Fultz. “You buy one and you have it for the rest of your life. They’re not throw-away bikes, and they are easily kept and repaired.”

Customers can choose from mountain bikes, hybrids, elliptical bikes, beach cruisers, folding bikes, subs, surrey bikes and more.

“The most popular bikes are hybrids because they are straight up and down everyday bikes that can be used for commuting, exercise, family rides and bike paths,” said Fultz. “It’s the most common bike, and it’s very comfortable.”

Fultz and his knowledge staff, all of whom are cyclists, are committed to making sure they help match customers with a bike that best fits their needs, according to Fultz.

“We don’t just sell you a bike,” said Fultz. “We try to find out what kind of riding you’re going to do and fit you to the correct style of bike that will align with your style and needs.”

Once the customer has been appropriately matched with a bike, it is professionally built for them.

Aside from purchasing bikes, customers have the option of renting them as well. Although a typical day rental is $35, pricing depends on the duration of the rental.

Crankers also offers basic bike tune-ups for $45, standard turn-ups for $75 and major tune-ups for $150.

“What really sets us apart from other bike shops in the area is service,” said Fultz. “We are the only ones up to this point that has been accredited being one of America’s Best Bike Shops by National Bicycle Dealership Association.”

Crankers Cycling owner Kent Fultz sits on bike outside Crankers Cycling on 401 N. Main St.

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