Up to 350,000 Dubliners could reach O’Connell Bridge in less than 25 minutes by bicycle according to new research from the National Transport Authority and cycling organisation Sustrans.

More than 60,000 return cycle trips are made daily in Dublin by people who could have used a car, according to the Bike Life report which includes a survey of 1,100 Dublin residents. The survey was conducted face-to-face by the independent market research company Behaviour & Attitudes.

However, many more people said they would use a bike in Dublin if cycling infrastructure was improved.

Nearly a quarter of adults cycle at least once a week in Dublin including 11 per cent who cycle five days a week or more, while 21 per cent of adults don’t currently cycle but would like to. Men cycle more than women with 35 per cent of men cycling at least once a week compared to 14 per cent of women.

The survey showed a high degree of willingness to sacrifice space for cars on roads to provide safer cycling facilities. Just under 70 per cent said more cycle tracks along roads, physically separated from traffic and pedestrians would encourage them to cycle more. An even higher number, 84 per cent, supported building more of these segregated lanes, even when this would mean less room for other road traffic.

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