Jane Ann Mann, Laurie Koburger, Marcia Meale, and Sandy Berger ride ebikes. They are experiences ebikers with expertise on the sport to offer the community.

Battery technology has come a long way impacting more than our phones, computers, and cars. In the last few years, the improvement in the strength of batteries and advances in motor technology have made ebikes a viable and desirable option for many people.

For many of us there are barriers to cycling a traditional (analog) bike.

Some of the barriers include distances that are too far, the time it takes to travel from place to place, health concerns, arriving at your destination a sweaty, exhausted mess or, my favorite climbing hills. Think College Avenue from Franklin toward Monroe — my old  Vanagon could barely do that one.

For some of us it just plain and simply more fun to have some assist, like being a kid again. (For the record, I regularly ride my traditional road bike on flat rides usually 30 miles or more per ride.)  

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