Well, it’s September again! It only feels like yesterday that we were basking in the glorious tech of June with a whole summer of fine riding ahead of us. But nevertheless, here we are with the nights drawing in and the temperature dropping. But fear not because we’ve brought more excellent tech for you.

Raptor Everysight Glasses £649

These Raptor Everysight glasses are probably the most audacious product to ever grace the Tech of the Month sofa. They’re glasses with a heads up display, that basically projects the equivalent of a cycling computer on to your eyeballs as you ride along. Heart-rate, cadence, power, distance and the like are all visible in front of you and it’ll even direct you and shoot video or photos.

The technology is a variation on what fighter jet pilots get beamed into their brains when they’re flying missions so it’s seriously high-tech and is a good indication of where this technology might be going in the future, even if they do make you look like Geordie in Star Trek.

Light and Motion Urban 1000 Commuter Combo £149.99

This week I bring a pair of very sensible (and cool) bike lights. The Urban 1000 front light pumps out a whopping 1000 lumens on its highest setting which is easily enough to ‘see by’, let alone ‘be seen’. It can also put out 500 lumens, 250 lumens or operate as a pulse. There are also two little orange side lights so you have side visibility, too.

The VIS 180 Pro rear puts out a whopping 180 lumens which is a lot for a rear light. It has a pivot lock so you can mount it more versatile places on the bike.

Wahoo’s indoor training system

  • Wahoo Kickr Core £699.99
  • Wahoo Kickr Headwind £199.99
  • Wahoo Kickr Climb £499.99

It appears James has tried to trump Symon’s glasses by bringing with him the Wahoo indoor cycling ecosystem which is made up of the new Kickr Core trainer, the Kickr Climb and the Kickr Headwind.

When considered separately they might all look like robots used to clean the Death Star but put them together they make up the ultimate indoor training environment. In short, the Kickr Core is the smart turbo trainer while the Climb simulates the hills and the Headwind is, well, a fan. But it does help simulate a head wind and keep you cool.

Bike of the month: Specialized Allez Sprint

specialized allez sprint best bikes under 1500

Test winner: Specialized Allez Sprint

Read more: Specialized Allez Sprint Comp review

With Specialized announcing the the release of the Allez Sprint Disc, it seemed apt to feature the rim-brake version that we rated so highly. At the bike’s beating heart is the D’Alusio Smartweld, which is a way of making the strongest join they can. Which is great because it’s supposed to be a criterium racing bike.


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