TOPSHOP are touting cycling shorts paired with a blazer as a “smart” new trend… but shoppers aren’t convinced.

While cycling shorts have made a comeback on catwalks and are often worn by celebs like Kim Kardashian, they’re usually considered casual-wear.

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But, now it seems that Topshop are trying to redefine the trend.

Taking to Twitter, the high street favourite shared a snap of a model wearing a pair of £125 black leather cycling shorts – paired with a smart longline blazer.

Topshop accompanied the photo with a caption deeming the outfit “the smart way” to wear cycling shorts.

But the post didn’t go down well with the brand’s Twitter followers and the fashion giant has been relentlessly mocked for the tweet.

One follower asked: “Is this a parody?”

Another added: “Topshop, I love you. You know I do. That’s precisely why I’m telling you this.

“You need help. Not just for your own sake but all our sakes.

“Hate me if you like but I’d only regret not saying something.”

Someone else posted: “This is just wrong. Too far Topshop.”

Another shared: “I mean, you’re just having a laugh at this point right?

“Show me evidence of one person who works for you who thinks this is genuinely a good look.”

However, it seems that, blazer or not, the shorts are a popular purchase – as they’ve already sold out in four sizes.

The retro bottoms, £125, feature a stretch waistband and cut off just above the knee and the website only has sizes six, 14 and 16 left in stock.

What do you think of the blazer/cycling short combo?

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