American fitness model Jen Selter has become something of an internet sensation over the years, attracting droves of social media users to her public profiles in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the brunette bombshell’s enviable physique. In her most recent Instagram share, Jen Selter shows off her luxurious surroundings while also offering her most ardent admirers a glimpse of her world-famous figure.

In this particular image, Jen can be seen laying face down on a massage bed at what appears to be an extravagant resort or property. The last glimmer of sunshine can be seen peeking through a hazy horizon, all blue and orange commingling in the skyline. The American fitness model doesn’t seem the mind the dying moments of the day, seemingly in her own world as she stretches languidly on the full-sized pillow at the center of an infinity pool.

The long, lean legs are on full display — as is her iconic backside, clad only in a skimpy thong bikini bottom. Her feet hang over the near edge of the massage bed, and the fitness model obscures her face by blocking it with one of her slender arms. Power lines and a brick wall can be seen in the background of the snapshot, and a treetop also peeks over the top of the stone barrier.

Captioning the idyllic imagery with a short message giving credit to the beautiful sunset, which makes this snapshot truly unique, it also appears that Jen Selter’s numerous fans and followers also appreciated the view. Despite having been posted just a few hours ago, as of the writing of this article, over 140,000 Instagram users have given the picture a like in a gesture of approval. An additional 1,200-plus individuals took the time to write Jen a short note in the comments section, with most of the remarks reflecting on the gorgeous scenery on display.

“No words enough [sic] to describe the beauty of this picture,” one user wrote, while another bold admirer retorted to Jen’s caption with a quip of his own.

“Never seen a picture of you I didn’t like.”

Jen Selter made national news headlines around this time last year, per NBC News, when she was removed from an American Airlines flight. After an alleged dispute between her and the crew on hand — a dispute that began after Selter reportedly stood up to “put up” her jacket into the overhead compartments — the plane was delayed and Jen was removed from it. A woman recording the situation seemed to side with Selter, but it appears that — despite being deplaned by police officers — the fitness model took another flight the following day.


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