Protein bars are some of the most coveted products by athletes, bodybuilders, and newcomers to the fitness life. Some of these bars offer a lot of calories and grams of protein per snack, which makes it very easy for people to hit their goals quicker without having to consume as much food, but rather eating concentrate foods instead.

Enter Built Bars. This product has been gaining a lot of attention in the past few years thanks to the high concentration of protein that the bars have, and with just ~100 calories per snack, they are a fantastic way for people to complement their diets and gain muscle without upping their caloric intake as much as they would if they consumed extra meat and carbs.

In any case, are the recent plaudits gained by the company fair? Are these bars as good as you’ve bee reading lately? Find out everything you need to know about Built Bars with our full Built Bar Review and guide.

Built Bar Protein Amount – Perfect for a Protein-Rich Diet

The amount of protein per bar varies depending on the product, but in general terms, you can expect Built Bars to have between 15 to 20 grams of protein each, which is a massive amount of proteins for such a small bar. That’s more than what you can expect to get from those protein yogurts that you find in supermarkets.

The amount of protein that you get from these bars would suggest that they would be quite costly (and do keep in mind that protein bars tend to be on the expensive part of the snack spectrum), but you would be surprised to learn that they are really, really cheap for what they offer. With prices of around $2 per bar, you’re getting a great value for money for your protein.

These bars are fantastic if you’re looking to build muscle, and they’re also superb if you’re one of those who get cravings after exercising and you don’t wish to get stuffed with extra carbs. Protein helps rebuild muscle fibers quite quickly, and consuming it in large quantities (without exceeding yourself) is a great way to gain muscle mass alongside heavy training.

Runners can also use these amazing bars to help in their post-run dietary needs, as the low caloric intake and high protein intake make them amazing reconstructive aids.

How Do Built Bars Taste?

There isn’t a single Built Bar flavor that has been badly received by the general public (they probably don’t release flavors that don’t get good ratings from their test groups). You will find various flavors on their site, and they all taste really good. The general opinion of Built Bars is that the products are of a very high-quality taste and of a very high-quality per se.

They taste really good mainly because they are made with real chocolate and real ingredients in general. The quantities are tweaked to make them healthy dietary companions, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t super tasty on their own. You still get a small intake of carbs and calories, but they do you a world of good if accompanied by proper exercising.

They come in a lot of flavors, so it’s up to you to choose whichever one catches your eye the most. You can also buy a box of varied flavors if you can’t make up your mind on a single one of them!

Are Built Bars Healthy? Breaking Down Their Composition

Built Bars are made using whey protein isolate, which is one of the best ways to get pure protein in bars without compromising taste. Do you know those bars that taste like carton? Well, those are usually made using stronger concentrates, and they are very unpleasant to eat. This isn’t the case with Built Bars at all.

Whey protein isolate contains all of the most essential amino acids and it is very easy to digest, which is why Built Bars are made using this amazing source of protein.

Fibersol is the main source of fiber in Built Bars, which is a source really easy to digest that doesn’t compromise the health of the consumer. The sweeteners used in these bars are also completely natural, as pure chocolate, glycerin, and erythritol are the main sources of flavor for the bars.

 The colorants used to give the bars different tones are also made with natural components and no chemicals, which make them really healthy to consume. They use gelatin to add creaminess to the products, plus natural preservatives to keep them from spoiling for quite a long time.

Built Bar Price

Surprisingly enough, Built Bars are not expensive at all. What’s even better is that you get discounts depending on the number of products that you purchase from the site (as in items, not as in individual bars per se). The purchase of two or more items will get you a 7% discount, 4 or more gets you a 12% discount, and 6 or more gets you a grand 16% discount.

They sell their products mostly in 18-bar boxes, which usually cost around $37.80. That makes each bar a bit less than $2 each. In terms of high-quality protein isolate snacks, these are some of the cheapest on the market.

The Athlete’s Perfect Companion

Built Bars are some of the best protein bars in the current market. They are ideal to be consumed by people looking to gain muscle mass and rebuild muscle quickly, but not by those who are looking to gain weight per se. You may eat them anyway if you’re looking to gain weight, but we would recommend you doing so in the company of a weight gainer protein shake in your diet.

In any case, Built Bars taste really good and should fit right into the “snack” section of any gym rat’s diet really easily.

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