Dance2Fit with Sylvia founder Sylvia Hammons opened the business on Main Street in Hamilton after battling obesity .

Hammons, a Hamilton resident for the past 20 years, said she started her own weight loss journey nearly five years ago via dance fitness and healthy eating and was able to lose approximately 80 pounds and regain her life.

Battling obesity, she said she was “always embarrassed” to go to any gym or fitness classes.

“I was fearful what other people might be thinking, like, ‘What is she doing here? She clearly hasn’t been to the gym before,’” Hammons said. “So it’s really important to me to offer a place where people of all ages and all abilities and all fitness levels feel 100 percent comfortable in a completely judgment-free zone.”

Classes are offered Monday through Saturday, mostly between 5 and 9 p.m., for all ages and abilities, including dance-based classes, Boot Camp classes, Tabata classes, Zumba, praise fit classes and more. Some day classes are available.

She said she tries to make Dance2Fit With Sylvia “more than just a workout class.”

“I wanted to open the fitness studio as an opportunity to offer people of all ages and all abilities a place to feel welcome and to have fun while getting fit with absolutely no judgment,” she said. “At Dance2Fit With Sylvia, we’re more than just a workout class. We are a family. We will encourage you and push you to be the best you can be.”

Not everyone enjoys dance fitness, but if Dance2Fit with Sylvia can find something that is fun for everyone and fitness can be fun for everyone.

“You won’t stick with anything that isn’t fun for you so we want to find something that is fun for everyone,” Hammons said. “That may be a Boot Camp, that maybe dance fitness, that may be step aerobics. But we want to make fitness fun for everyone again.”

Hammons said besides the “no judgment” motto, the business also doesn’t care about a clients age, shape, size or level of fitness level

“We want you to have an amazing and fun workout, and you’re going to meet some absolutely amazing and supportive people in the meantime,” she said.

Hammons said she decided to open the dance studio on Hamilton’s Main Street because she is “all about supporting our local schools and businesses” and excited to partner with many of them offering fitness classes.

She said the best part of being on Main Street during its revitalization is the camaraderie among the small businesses.

“I’ve become very close friends with a number of the small business owners and we all look out for one another,” Hammons said. “We promote each other and each other‘s businesses.”

The largest class size is about 30, the maximum the studio will hold. Classes cost $5 each and discounts are available via 10-class pass for $45. A full schedule can be found at www.tinyurl.com/dance2fitwithsylvia. Dance2Fit With Sylvia is online on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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