Gym chain David Lloyd has launched an exciting fitness class for kids in Devon – and it’s using the power of Fortnite as inspiration.

It’s not just the game that fans are obsessed with, it’s the dance moves too – and now David Lloyd in Exeter is encouraging kids and teens to swap their controllers for choreography, as it introduces ‘Emote Royale’: a unique workout class dedicated to learning the dance moves from Fortnite.

Children learn popular dances such as ‘the floss’, ‘orange justice’ and ‘take the L’.

A spokesperson at the Exeter branch also revealed that last day to sign up to classes is tomorrow – so parents are urged to act fast if they don’t want their children to miss out during the summer holidays.

A character doing the 'floss' on video game Fortnite
A character doing the ‘floss’ on video game Fortnite

A spokesperson for David Lloyd Clubs said: “We know that kids – and some parents – are huge fans of the Fortnite game, but excessive screen time can pose a problem for kids, meaning they’re not as active as they should be.

“We’re always keen to introduce inventive classes to our varied timetables and the ‘Emote Royale’ class has been developed by kids, for kids, to help keep everyone active this summer and bring the popular computer game to life in a fun, active and original way.”

The classes have been extremely popular so far

The victory dances that players use to celebrate within the Fortnite game – known as emotes – have become so popular that everyone from footballers to film stars have been attempting them in the real world.

England’s Deli Alli has ‘taken the L’ in his goal celebrations and Will Smith and Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown have been caught on camera doing the ‘floss’.

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While parents may despair at research revealing that children will spend an average of two hours and 15 minutes per day playing computer games such as Fortnite this summer, the game’s victory dances could actually be the key to ensuring children stay active and avoid too much sedentary screen time – and that is certainly the rationale behind the introduction of David Lloyd Clubs’ new class.

“The ‘Emote Royale’ class teaches participants how to master the ‘floss’, conquer the ‘wiggle’ and perfect the ‘orange justice’ moves from the game,” the spokesperson added.

“The class was developed alongside a team of 12-year-old child ‘consultants’ to ensure that it is by kids, for kids.”

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On arrival to the class a Fortnite-themed sound track plays and participants begin to tackle 12 dances inspired by the popular game including; the floss, orange justice, take the L, the wiggle, best mates, jubilation, hype, flapper, fresh, boneless, the worm and the robot.

The classes will run throughout the summer holidays

Starting with the easiest moves – the wiggle, best mates and jubilation – the class moves on to help kids learn the notoriously difficult ‘floss’ and ‘robot’ dances.

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How to survive a Fortnite summer, by David Lloyd’s

  • Make sure your kids take regular breaks from the screen, not just to get moving, but also to rest their eyes
  • Try playing Fortnite with your kids. It’s possible to play as a team, which not only gives you a chance to understand the game, but also work as a team with your kids
  • Battles in the game typically last 20 minutes, so if you’re asking kids to log off, try to accommodate time for them to finish their existing game as interrupting them mid game may upset them
  • Be aware that kids can talk to other gamers of varying ages whilst playing online, make sure your kids know not to share any personal details with other players


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