Residents of Belle Plaine will soon have a different option to stay fit, and they will not need to look any further than the high school fitness facility. Ring The Bell Fitness, owned by Erik Myran of Kasson, MN, has already entered 13 sites across the state, and on Oct. 22, the program will enter Belle Plaine. His model is using pre-existing high school gyms as a location for fitness program members to work out.

Myran, who was a teacher and coach in Kasson, began teaching fitness to his students after school in the form of uphill bear crawls and whatever other forms of exercise he could squeeze out of the available facilities. It was only a matter of time before his students’ parents took notice of the positive impact his workouts had on their children’s lives.

“As time went on, I thought I should do this for adults,” Myran said, and the first Ring the Bell Fitness program was born in 2014. Wanting to make a program that was accessible and affordable, Myran opted to partner with the high school, an already standing weight room and workout facility.

“I knew that would keep things really cheap for everyone,” Myran said.  “I wanted to give this gift of fitness to the entire state.”

Giving gifts might just be in Myran’s blood, because a minimum of 20 percent of Ring The Bell Fitness’s revenue goes right back into the school districts with which Myran partners. Some schools use the revenue to fund new weight room equipment or physical education materials.

As for the workouts, they come in as wide a range as the Ring the Bell clients themselves.

“We have some moms training for a 5k and dads who only want to lift weights,” Myran said. “They never know what they’re going to get at the start of class.”

Aside from workouts involving the core, Myran said, classes are never predictable in their content. That is because Myran and the trainers he has enlisted across the state curate workouts based on students’ needs and goals. Myran also stated that students always have a choice in their workouts. That choice comes in the form of two or event three white boards, with custom workouts that suit different goals, which are set out each class.

“It’s for everybody. It’s  for all types of athletes,” Myran said.  “They kind of have a choice for how they want their workout.”

Classes are typically in the early mornings before school three days a week. The cost is $37.30 per month. Classes work on an eight-week schedule. At the end of eight weeks, class types change.

For Chelsea Hutchinson, communications director in the Belle Plaine school district, the implementation of the Ring the Bell Fitness program is the far-reaching community engagement project adults in the school community need.

“The adult health and enrichment piece has been a priority for us,” Hutchinson said. “Community [education] is for the whole community.”

A free sample class is scheduled for 5:00 a.m. Monday, October 15, at Belle Plaine High School


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