SINGER, actor, dancer, songwriter, model; Samantha Jade has so many strings to her professional bow she stopped being a mere triple-threat years ago.

And she’s clearly not done yet, with the ARIA award-winning musician having just launched her own limited-edition lingerie collection for Bras N Things, which joins the cosmetics range she launched last year.

But busy is no excuse, she says. And so she always makes time for her fitness.

“The number one thing is finding the time,” she says.

“But believe me, you can.

“I remember my mum always used to tell me that everybody can find 15 minutes a day, and so that’s what I do.”

Bouncing with a contagious energy even as she lists all the projects that keep her schedule jam-packed, you can tell downtime isn’t something that comes naturally to Samantha.

But when she does get some spare time, she knows exactly what she wants to do with it.

“I love sitting on the couch and doing absolutely nothing,” she says.

“I’m a doing nothing person. I don’t do it often, but I really enjoy it.”


SAMANTHA says she spends an incredible amount of time on the road, and even more time in hotels around the country, which wreaked havoc on her training routine.

That is until her personal trainer came up with the perfect solution.

“It is hard to stay on top of it, especially with touring, because you’re always in rehearsals or in the studio, and its hard to commit time to working out,” she says.

“But for me, health is first and I always schedule time to do it.”

So when her trainer realised time in gym would be almost impossible to come by, she set about devising a workout program Samantha could take with her on the road. And more importantly, one she could do in her hotel room without any special equipment.

“My trainer wrote me this hotel room workout, so even with no gym or equipment I can train,” she says.

“It might be dips using a chair or squat jumps, but it’s all things I can do in a tiny space using my own body weight.

“You can actually do so many exercises — even things that aren’t much fun, like burpees, which I hate — and you can really keep your fitness up.”


WE’VE all been in a similar situation. You’ve worked late, you’re starving, and suddenly the lure of a bright fast-food restaurant becomes almost impossible to resist.

Samantha says it’s no different for performers, who often get off stage late at night, hungry and exhausted and looking for an easy feed.

“Eating on the road is tough,” she says.

“Especially if you’ve just done a gig and it’s midnight and you’re starving and there’s a McDonald’s right there.

“But I just remind myself that I’m not going to feel good afterwards, so I try and be smart and grab a snack or a protein shake and try to find some good food instead.”

The lure of fast food aside, there are health benefits to spending your evenings performing; singing and dancing and sweating for more than two hours is a solid accidental workout routine.

“We come off stage and we are absolutely exhausted and starving, so it must be a few calories burned,” she says.


FOR Samantha, life is about making room for the things that matter. And that includes setting aside time to walk away from the non-stop nature of her schedule.

“I think that these days, with everyone wanting to get lots of likes on photos, or trying to be discovered though social media, I just think it is so important to get a balance,” she says.

“My boyfriend and I put our phones away on the weekend. So no social media. Just real life.”


What’s your favourite healthy food?

I love proteins, so chicken or salmon. I’ve grown up with spice, so I’ve got to have that, too.

What’s one food you couldn’t live without?

Brown rice. I love it. And I just discovered that it comes in (microwave) packets in the past year!

What is your best motivation tip?

I’ve learned that without health you have nothing else. Everyone comes to that conclusion by themselves, but you can fit exercise in!

What’s your favourite workout routine?

I have a personal trainer, which I really need, and she changes it up all the time. Sometimes it’s pilates or HIT training — I never know what to expect.

What food would you never eat, even if you were starving?

Anchovies. I just can’t.


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