Eat, sleep, gym and repeat are a motto most try to live by but find it hard to achieve.  

Sarah Neal Horne, fitness group instructor at the Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center, said she enjoys teaching both spinning, a high intensity cardio class, and barre, a strength intensity class because it allows for a balanced workout.

Horne said her passion to work out and having good nutrition came from being a dancer for 15 years.

“Exercising is an investment in your future because you’re making a sacrifice now for a reward that’s going to come down the road,” Horne said.

Horne said she sets her fitness goals depending on what her end goal is for that time period whether it is losing weight to be healthier or gaining muscle.

Fitness apps like Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness, where 12-week programs can be set up is a way she keeps herself accountable, Horne said.

The recreation center offers a variety of fitness classes that are included in the school’s tuition, Horne said.

Having an accountability partner is a common pattern Horne said she sees when students are taking her classes and encourages people to continue that.

Having someone to keep tabs will help with motivation when either party is feeling unmotivated, she said. She encourages people to look up the benefits of working out, set goals and to prioritize those goals.

The most rewarding part of working out is the energy obtained from it, instead of drinking chemicals or caffeine, she said.

Jannet Barron, a performance coach intern from Arlington, said the biggest challenge for her is stepping foot into the gym and mentally preparing herself for the workout.

Another struggle Barron said is not seeing results as fast as she would like.

Barron said she encourages people to do research on what they want to look like and to gain motivation from Instagram models, personal trainers or YouTube videos to reach those fitness goals.

Mario Yague, a law student from El Paso, began his fitness journey by setting the goal to look aesthetically similar to people he looked up to like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“People that don’t have time is that they don’t want it enough,” Yague said. “Either you make time for it or you make an excuse for it.”

Yague said making working out a habit is a way people can reach their fitness goals.

“I think everybody can reach the same goal in very different ways,” Yague said. “But I think the most resonating thing that I’ve heard recently is tackle it day by day.”

Yague said people should work out for the sole reason of being healthy.

“Put some blinders on, don’t let people distract you from your goal, and don’t let people deter you,” Yague said.


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