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If you don’t like the person staring back at you in the mirror every morning, press a button.

And your self-improvement can begin. Right where you’re standing.

That’s the promise of Mirror, a new HD interactive display that brings top-tier workout classes into your home using, yes, a full-length mirror.

Launched today, Mirror is a high-def display that beams a slew of interactive workout classes into your home while monitoring your daily progress. On its own, the device looks like a your standard full-length mirror. As far as workout equipment goes, it already wins on looks and unobtrusiveness.


But let’s worry about your looks.

Mirror — a 1080p LCD panel with a wider-than-normal viewing range, two stereo speakers, a microphone and a camera — offers both live and on-demand workout classes across the fitness spectrum, including boxing, strength training, HIIT, cardio and yoga. Each class is parsed into four different intensity levels, and you can choose from 50+ new live workouts each week (filmed at an impressive midtown Manhattan studio we visited ahead of launch).

For the live classes, trainers monitor your biometrics and give “shout-outs” or advice. For private, live workouts, the camera (which can be capped for privacy at other times) offers an extra degree of interaction.

Bonus: While the brand offers curated playlists, you can select your own music to play during workouts.


To monitor results, hook yourself up to a Bluetooth heart-rate monitor or Apple Watch. Via an app, Mirror measures and updates your biometric data and personalizes your workout content to match your fitness goals and target heart-rate zones. Impressively, it can also substitute in different exercises during both live and on-demand classes, depending on your needs (and even accounting for injuries).

Above all, Mirror is about easily incorporating high-intensity workout classes seamlessly into your home life. As the company notes, two-thirds of Americans still do workouts at home — Mirror hopes to make that experience as painless and convenient as possible.

“We feel like our client is the 99% of people who know they should work out and enjoy it when they do, but struggle to,” says Mirror CEO/founder Brynn Putnam.“It’s not necessarily for the 1% of people who do a 40-mile bike ride each day.”

Mirror is available today for $1,495, with a monthly content subscription of $39 (private workouts are extra). Financing is also available.



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