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Instagram is saturated with amateur bodybuilders, crossfitters and gym bros who regularly post ill-advised selfies in the hopes of gaining their next thousand followers. Robert Frank does it differently. 

The 40-year-old gym rat propelled himself to social media stardom by posting viral “car rage” videos—bare-chested monologues in which he rattles off rapid-fire tirades on topics including bullying, relationships, and even that idiotic “Tide Pod challenge.”

While he considers himself more of an entertainer than a fitness personality, the man has gained over 2 million followers across Instagram, Twitter and YouTube thanks in part to his shredded physique and no-fucks-given views on fitness. 

Luckily, Frank took a chill pill before giving us his top ten tips for dominating workouts in the house of gains. If you want to get swole, follow his guide below: 

Don’t ditch cardio

“If you want to be juicy AF, every morning should begin with 45 minutes of fasted cardio. Pace yourself at 65 percent of your max heart rate to shred fat.” 


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