August in the fashion world is when apparel brands preview the next year’s spring and summer collections. Golf fashion follows the same schedule, and that’s why the PGA Fashion Show is held this time each year in Las Vegas. It’s an opportunity for companies of all sizes to offer an early glimpse of what fashion is to come. This year, another trade show jumped on the golf fashion train, creating a 2-for-1 preview opportunity for 2019.

MAGIC is a leading fashion trade show held every year in Las Vegas covering all major fashion categories from men’s and women’s to footwear and children’s apparel. This year for the first time there was a section of the show dedicated to golf. Inside “Project Golf,” there were fashion brands showing their golf collections and golf brands showing their fashion offerings all next to a Topgolf Swing Suite simulator.

We scoured both show floors to find the coolest apparel items coming soon to a golf shop near you. Here’s what you need to know for the coming year.

Birds of Condor

Birds of Condor is an urban golf brand out of Australia that’s been around since 2016. You’ll notice heavy surf and music inspirations within the collections of hats, graphic tees, sweatshirts and accessories. Expect bright colors and bold graphics that’ll make you stand out on the golf course. The black “FORE” hats with multi-colored lettering will be out early next year as part of a collaboration with another new and hip company, Leus. Hats start at $36.50, towels at $16.


Leus is a towel brand that started in the surf category and is getting into golf after seeing how popular golf is among professional surfers. It’s yet another example of the action-sports industry joining the golf world. These microfiber towels are colorful and fun to really brighten up your golf bag. The waffle pattern is rough enough to clean your clubs, but has a silky quality so dirt and grass won’t stick. It doesn’t need to be washed often, just shaken out after each round. The patterns are reversible and will come in a large over-the-bag size and smaller pocket-sizes ranging from $16-$30.


Greyson calls itself a brand “inspired with the concept of functionality, innovation and creativity.” Expect designs you won’t find anywhere else that will perform great on the golf course. The former Ralph Lauren designer who founded the sportswear brand has an eye for high-fashion activewear. On tour, Greyson works with Morgan Hoffmann, Luke Donald and Kelly Kraft. From the 2019 line, the 100-percent cashmere wolf sweater (top right, Pack Leader, $495) is sure to impress. We also love the Sequoia Joggers (bottom left, $165) with a cool black and gray wolf design.


This handcrafted-leather company creates high-quality golf bags, luggage and backpacks that give back. For each bag purchased, Vessel gives a school backpack to a child in need. The company already has donated more than 18,000 backpacks. Known for their great men’s and women’s backpacks, they also make a killer golf bag. The white bag on display at MAGIC created lots of buzz. While most worry a white golf bag would be a disaster to keep clean, this bag is made of a microsuede synthetic leather that wipes dirt easily. The Vessel Lite Stand weighs just 3.5 pounds, has durable carbon fiber legs and is ultra rain resistant. The single strap can be converted to a double strap, and it will also be available in black camo, both starting at $295.


Chase54 is a golf and activewear brand based in Manhattan. The collections, developed and manufactured in NYC, are innovative and thoughtfully designed. For example, every shirt has removable metal collar stays so the collar looks clean without an iron, but is machine-washable. The brand makes great shirts, pants and outerwear for men and women, but the main attraction at the PGA Show was the Terrain Pullover. The poly-spandex woven top has a topographic design that enhances the simple gray sweatshirt, a cool pullover at face value. But here’s where it gets exciting: If you shine a light on the shirt, it completely changes and the pattern becomes reflective. The design was originally made for the company’s running line to keep late-night joggers safe from cars. Now the brand is bringing the technology into golf to keep night golfers safe, too. The pullover will go for $75 and will be available in a women’s outerwear version as well.

Psycho Bunny

This out-of-the-box fashion brand got into golf about a year ago and is making a splash already. Psycho Bunny golf shirts are made with a 100-percent pima cotton that feels softer than traditional cotton, and most of the line is designed with taped shoulder seams for a cleaner fit that won’t impede your swing. The company had two booths at the MAGIC show, one in fashion and the other in golf, though most of the lines can be worn in both venues. The golf line is high-fashion with golf in mind, like a waterproof jacket with a ball-cleaner insert in the pocket, or this silky cotton golf-ball-dimple pattern shirt.

Foray Golf

This NYC-based women’s golf brand, Foray, aims to bring runway fashions to the golf course that still feel comfortable and play great. Every piece is a conversation starter on both the look and feel. Don’t be surprised if some of the pieces in the Foray collection look Dior- or Chloe-inspired. The pieces are durable, like the Framis tape placketed golf shirts. Framis tape creates a stronger bond than typical sewing, which explains why Foray used it to make a lasting shirt with a unique sheen. For 2019, they’re going fashion-forward floral in skirts, like the Floom skirt ($160).

The brand recently collaborated with 8BitBrand to create the “Gods of Golf” line of digital prints.

True Linkswear

Company officials say they’ve got the most comfortable walking shoe in golf, and they’re certainly on to something. True shoes have a lifestyle look, but will still perform on the course. The True Original has been seen on the PGA Tour sporadically with more top players discovering the brand as it grows. The full-grain leather and waterproof liner looks and feels great. The shoe is designed to have a barefoot feel with a way more stylish aesthetic. The True Original starts at $149.

The brand also just released a knit version, the first available in men’s and women’s. It’s ultra lightweight and breathable with superior traction that you can wear off the course easily.


If you haven’t discovered Roka Eyewear, you’re missing out. The wetsuit brand started designing glasses to cater to triathletes that didn’t want to sacrifice style for comfortable eye protection. Each pair has subtle ridges on the side so they stay in place no matter the movement. We tried to get them to fall off through golf swings and various other on-site tests, but they always stayed put. The Aviator Phantom is one of the most lightweight feeling pair of glasses on the market, with a slight curve for additional eye protection and comfort. The Phantom Ti starts at $260.


While J.Lindeberg is known for making classic European-inspired, high-fashion golf apparel, the average American golfer should take a second look. Yes, they make great slim-fit pieces, but the brand is working to change the perception that that’s all it makes. The 2019 collection is full of pieces that will enhance on-course style for every golfer including golf shirts, sweaters, pants and outerwear in both simple and bold designs. The Luca Pant has a braided sewn track-pant stripe that blends street-style and golf effortlessly. Designers worked with the German raingear company Schoeller to make these pants ($195) waterproof. They’ll perform great in the rain, but they’re not simply rain pants because the lightweight design allows them to be worn in any weather.

Original Penguin

OPG is back in golf and having a lot of fun with it. As to be expected, the company’s booth was decked out with a retro-cool design similar to the pieces they feature. The arcade game was almost as cool as the hats the company launched early next year. The party penguin flat brim will go for $35, and the straw hat ribboned with the same pattern will sell for $30.

Asher Golf

Asher Golf is a company to keep an eye on. It’s making waves in the golf industry with unique golf glove designs, cool apparel and fun hats. The brand is all about providing eye-catching, premium golf accessories that won’t break the bank. The gloves are made with AA Cabretta Leather and go through extensive pressure testing to ensure patterns won’t fade. The hats are laser cut with a one-of-a-kind feel and design. Jimmy Walker recently placed a huge order on the Utah-made hats. They’re now on a limited run that is expected to sell out fast. Hats start at $24.


Movetes is another up-and-coming women’s golf brand to watch. The collection includes stylish activewear and golf pieces you won’t find anywhere else. The Leaderboard jacket is a stylish bomber that packs a ton of warmth and stretch. It will layer effortlessly over golf clothes or pair well with leggings.


You can always count on G/FORE to be among the leaders in golf innovation. Whether it’s fresh footwear or cutting-edge accessories, the brand is known for being ahead of cool curve . In 2019, look for modern spread collars that reinvent the traditional golf shirt collar look, a mix of floral- and skull-patterns that surprisingly fit in golf clothes and this fun “Pray For Birdies” hooded jacket ($250) that will blow away the other light wind jackets in your closet.


Electric is another trend leader in golf. The brand consistently designs great looking eyewear that preforms and protects. The Knoxville Pro won the Golf Digest Editors’ Choice for that exact reason. One of the newest designs is a more athletic spin on the popular women’s Danger Cat sunglasses. Expect the extra-durable Grilamid frame, OHM “SPF for your eyes” Polarized Polycarbonate lens, and great clarity in a half-framed, fully-style design starting at $120.


Ecco has been growing and shifting as a brand to consistently launch golf shoes for every style and need. In 2019, the brand is taking its most popular street shoe, the Soft 7, and transforming it into a golf shoe. After becoming the top seller at Nordstrom, the golf designers at Ecco got to work to make a weather-friendly, high-traction golf shoe that will retail at $170. Keep in mind that the brand does not make half sizes, instead the topsole is removable to customize the fit.

Another intriguing launch coming from Ecco is a golf shoe with a fabric-based sole. By removing most of the rubber from the bottom of the shoe, Ecco was able to design a Dina Knit outsole surrounded by polyurethane for more flex and lightweight. Despite it’s rubberless makeup, the outsole is waterproof. The 2019 golf shoe will retail at $160.


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