Mario Golf: Super Rush brings the storied golf franchise to the Nintendo Switch with a whole new spin on gameplay and exciting competitive modes.

Everyone’s favorite mustachioed plumber is returning for another round of golf. Super Mario, Peach and Yoshi will be teeing off this summer with a new entry in the Mario Golf franchise, this time on the Nintendo Switch.

Announced in a recent Nintendo Direct, Mario Golf: Super Rush brings a whole new spin on the series. New game modes with new ways to play with your friends and family are underway, along with the first single-player story mode.

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The Story so Far

Welcome to one of the most beautiful country clubs in the Mushroom Kingdom. Players will import their Mii characters to embark on a journey to the top, where they’ll face off against the kingdom residents in a story that will help them hone their skills.

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Mario Golf: Super Rush will feature RPG elements that allow Mii’s to gain stats and abilities throughout the story mode. Playing throughout the story will help players customize the character they will later be able to bring into other game modes. However, Nintendo only mentioned Miis as playable characters in the game’s story mode.

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News to Know

Official screenshot from Mario Golf Super Rush

Mario Golf is one of Nintendo’s top-rated sports series, with developer Camelot Software Planning working on titles since 1987’s NES Open Tournament Golf, titled Mario Open Golf in Japan. Since then, the series has been on almost every Nintendo platform. 1999 saw the release of Mario Golf for Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color. In 2003, the Gamecube had Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. The Game Boy Advance also received Mario Golf Advance Tour, while the 3DS had Mario Golf World Tour in 2014.

Now that the series is coming to the Nintendo Switch, players can expect some new features like the option to use motion controls. Players can choose between the classic button gameplay or swinging their joy-cons to bring the complete golfing experience to the home. While in the middle of the game, players can use the shot gauge to measure how hard they will hit the ball while also knowing how much curvature will happen in the air. Players can also scan the terrain to see slopes and hills before their swing. Using these features will put players in a better standing on the scoreboard.

New game modes in Mario Golf: Super Rush include Speed Golf, which will have all the players golfing at the same time. Players will tee off together and chase their ball; the faster you reach the ball, the quicker you can take your next shot to get distracted. In typical Mario fashion, Speed Golf will have abilities for each character to help squash the competition, such as Star Power to run faster and launch a broad attack on opponents, leaving them dazed while you dash to the green. The trailer also shows Luigi using an ice flower to skate to the goal while freezing opponents in his path.

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The game’s roster has most of the Mushroom Kingdom residents. In the trailer, Nintendo gave us a glimpse at Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Waluigi, Daisy, Toad and Wario. Imported Miis can also play in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Miis will have a special place in the game because they are the characters players use in the story mode, where players will train with them in the country club and become the best golfer by gaining stat points. Golfers can use those skill points in several different ways giving the story mode that classic RPG style.

Mario Golf: Super Rush will support up to 4-players in local or online gameplay. Fans of the series have plenty of fresh content to enjoy with Mario Golf: Super Rush, while newcomers may find a new game to love. Whether you are playing with your family at home or your friends worldwide, Speed Golf will be fast-paced fun. Keep an eye out for Mario Golf: Super Rush. Hopefully, it will be a hole-in-one.

Developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo, Mario Golf: Super Rush will be available for Nintendo Switch June 25, 2021. 

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