Mingus Union senior golfer Noah Daher achieved a rare feat this season.

On Monday and Tuesday Daher will compete at the Division II golf state tournament at Omni Tucson National.

“Oh it’s very exciting, that was definitely one of his goals this year, was to make it to State and then to compete there but the first job was getting there and he from the very beginning of the season, from our first match on he was right there,” head coach Craig Mai said. “He’s played very consistent and earned his spot to state fairly early in the season.”

It’s the second year in a row that Daher has qualified for the state tournament as an individual, which is not common.

“I think it’s awesome, it just shows how much hard work you can put in and just to see the results,” Daher said. “Last year it was more of qualifying for State and getting there and having a good experience. This time it’s more of competing there and placing well.”

Last year Daher finished 75th at the state tournament, also at Omni Tucson National.

Mai said he was just thinking about how special the feat is on the drive over to practice on Friday.

“That’s very cool for him, two-time state individual qualifier,” Mai said. “I don’t think there’s that many that do that, I know from Mingus, it’s been a number of years since we had someone qualify two years in a row.”

This year the tournament is at the Omni Tucson National’s Catalina Course after it was on their Sonoran Course last year.

“So he’ll have to go out there the first round and kinda feel things out to make sure to figure out where the right place to play and where his targets are, stuff like that, so it’ll be a little bit of a challenge not knowing the course, but he’s got really good game management, so I think he’ll do alright,” Mai said. “It’s a course that’s fairly straight out in front of you, there’s really only a couple of tricky holes so i think he’ll be fine.”

Mai said Omni Tucson National is similar to Oak Creek Country Club or the north course at Antelope Hills.

“So at least he’s had the opportunity to play similar courses,” Mai said.

Daher said the Tucson courses are just a little longer than here but there isn’t any huge differences in playing in Southern Arizona versus the north.

The course was a little bit different than here, a little bit trickier I definitely have better course management skills than i did last year at that time It was just you had to see your way around it, it was tough, tricky but I’m excited to get back out and kinda get some redemption this year

Daher thinks the experience of competing at State last year will be a big help.

“The experience is huge I don’t think a lot of people know in golf the experience of a big tournament, just the feel of it really helps you gain experience and that experience is key in playing well in a big tournament like that,” Daher said.

Last year the two day state tournament was shortened to one due to rain with the day one results being the final marks.

“It’s cool this year the weather’s supposed to be a lot nicer and I’m excited now to be able to get two days in,” Daher said. “Two day tournaments are really exciting fun and I’m glad to be a part of that instead of getting rained out like last year.”

Daher said he had three goals going into this year the first being to get an average under two for nine holes and he had a 1.3 and the second was to stay consistent and have rounds in the 30s, which he pretty much did. The third is improving at State.

“He’s played really solid and consistent and i knew that that was one of the things that he wanted to work on, one of his goal was to not have any qualifying rounds over 40, I think he ended up with a couple that didn’t quite make it there, he shot a 40 or 41 but for the most part he’s been very consistent,” Mai said.

The Marauders had three returners this year and they “did a really nice job of leading us,” Mai said.

“For the team it went very well,” Mai said about this season. “We came so close to having a second individual — (junior) Treyson Peters came really close to qualifying as an individual as well It came down to his very last match, the Johnny U here and just came up a little short. I think he ended up like the 20th ranked individual and you need to be ranked in the top 18 so just outside there. (Junior) Carter Welly, another one of our returners played very solid for us this year.”

The other Marauders were new but showed promise.

“They got a lot of really good experience,” Mai said. “This year was about getting them experience, now we expect them to step up and be competitive next year.”

Mingus girls come close

Mingus Union girls golf’s bid to make their first state tournament came up just short, missing by 11 strokes.

The Marauders competed in the Division II play-in tournament on Tuesday at Aguila Golf Course in Phoenix.

Mingus Union finished fifth, as the top two advanced to state.

Kaylee Watson was 12th, Kaila Bowers 13th and Madison Mathis was 15th.

This is the program’s third season.

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