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I cover this sport nearly every day, and I see plenty that make me wince or cringe — a particularly gruesome knockout, limbs snapping, late stoppages — but this may be the hardest thing to watch I’ve seen yet.

The event was Demolidor Fight MMA 13, and the fight was the main event, Melziquiel Conceição (Melk) vs Rafael Barbosa. Melk was the man unconscious as Barbosa held the choke while the referee looked placidly on as a man nearly died in front of his eyes. The commission proceeded to blame the promotion, and the promotion blame the commission, for hiring the referee.

The fighter, who was taken to the hospital, was reportedly okay afterwards, though he said he couldn’t seem to breathe correctly.

Big John also weighed in, and had a similar reaction.

Every referee makes gaffes- John McCarthy himself was infamously kicked by Roy Nelson after a late stoppage of his opponent- but this one was utterly beyond the pale.

Hopefully that referee will never ever oversee two men in combat ever again. He deserves to be decked for that gross negligence, like this referee was.


Ali Abelaziz is one of the most successful MMA managers today. He’s also full of it.

Tony Ferguson rejects the “weird” label

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson still got jokes.

This was the very obvious response to Dana White, who has been saying a lot of stuff lately.

Dana White is just making things up, of course, but this is still egregious.

Mike Perry living his best life

The fight odds for Justin Gaethje vs. James Vick have Gaethje as the underdog, and though I’m rooting for Gaethje, I have to agree. This is another tough matchup for him.

MMA fighter TJ Laramie says this video is of him catching his girlfriend cheating on him.

Slick bit of grappling

I’ve never seen this effortless takedown before.

There is some genuinely awful self-defense advice out there.

Actor Chris Pratt, of Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 3, Magnificent Seven and of course, Parks and Rec fame, has MMA nightmares and spent Sunday working them out on the pads.

Amazing back kick by Alexey Efremov, took the wind right out of him.

Daniel Cormier has a clean USADA testing schedule, but we all remember towelgate, and Joe Rogan says extreme weight cutting is more effective cheating than steroids.

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How I think I look while training:

How I actually look:

I like this sketch art of Dustin Poirier vs. Nate Diaz. With Yoel Romero vs. Paulo Costa sadly off UFC 230, this fight takes on more importance to the big NYC card.

Sometimes the best insults don’t use words. Luke Rockhold vs. Chris Weidman 2 means UFC 230 is still middleweight mayhem in the making.

In case you missed this insane Cowboy Cerrone story: the man almost died in an underwater cave. A lot of people have died on cave dives, so he’s not exaggerating the danger.

Look at this body hook.

McGregor has never been particularly adept at defending his big noggin using his gloves (it’s harder to do well with small gloves anyway), so fighting hands low has always made the most sense for him.

Random Land

Goats don’t care. Goats live free and die hard.

This guy had some life. I love learning about people that history has largely forgotten.

While I’m on my history kick: they thought man-made climate change might turn out to be a problem in 1912.

Road Runner stuff right here.

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