On June 1, New York Fight Exchange held NYFE 17 at the Resorts World Casino in New York. The event was jammed packed with fans from wall to wall.


Kemo Kamal vs. Kevin Rosado
Kemo Kamal defeated Kevin Rosado by KO in the first Round at 1:25

Damian Nelson vs. Jamie Nottingham
Damian Nelson defeated Jamie Nottingham by TKO in the second Round at 1:02

Anthony Auriemma vs. Anthony Paris,
Auriemma taking the win unanimously after all three Rounds

Miguel Perez vs. Joseph Lyles
Perez taking the win unanimously after all three Rounds.

Marissa Jean vs. Krista Hannaford
The third round Krista Hannaford claimed her victory with a unanimous decision

Luca Messina vs. John Trinidad
Luca Messina taking the win with a submission in the 1st Round

Adam Kopleman vs. Joal Nelson
Joal Nelson won by submission (rear naked choke)

Joseph Menshe vs. German Isea
German Isea defeated Menshe in the first Round at 1:54 with a submission (guillotine choke)

Zac Traum vs. Garvin Mitchell
Mitchell won by submission (rear naked choke) second round at 2:47

Melton Savery vs. Eyad Ibrahim
All three judges agreed at 29-28 in favor of Eyad Ibrahim

Justin Walker vs. Bryant Johnson
All three judges scored 30-27 in favor of Justin Walker


Nate Silva Cruz vs. Kelvin Sterling for the 145LB Title fight
Round 1: Went straight to the ground. Cruz took guard as Sterling went punch after punch. The fight slowed down and stayed on the ground.

Round 2: right off the break Cruz threw a few shots to sterling’s face. Sterling then proceeded to take Cruz to the ground. Cruz wrapped up in guard once again and worked from there.

Cruz and Sterling were very well matched.

Round 3: Cruz tried to guillotine in the standing position but could not hold it. sterling once again took Cruz down. Cruz is in the guard as Sterling punched the body repeatedly.

* After all three rounds were fought out the judges came to an unanimous decision making Kelvin Sterling the 145LB Champion

Eric Finch vs. Eric Taylor for the 170LB Title fight

Round 1: Went straight to the ground with Finch in guard. Taylor tried to pass guard but Finch held guard. Taylor finished the Round with aggressively punching Finch’s face.

Round 2:Taylor in the first couple second picked up Finch and threw him to the ground, as Finch went down he wrapped Taylor into guard. Finch grabbed ahold of Taylor’s arm trying to get that arm bar. Taylor trying to get out of the position, he ends up taking finches back. wraps him up into a REAR NAKED CHOKE.

Eric Taylor takes the belt in round 2 with Rear Naked Choke at 2:42

Oralndo Ortega vs. Phumi Nkuta for the 170LB Title Fight
The fight did not last long, Phumi Nkuta Won due to TKO in the first Round at 2:00

Main Event

Donnell East vs. David Cabrea FOR THE 155lb Title fight
Round 1:Donnell started the round with the guillotine, David got out of it almost took his back. David Cabrea ended the first round at 1:32 by submission (rear naked choke) still undefeated and the NEW 155LB Title Champion!


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