Maurice Greene got the “Heavy Hitters” season of The Ultimate Fighter off on the right foot.

The season premiere of TUF 28 closed with a heavyweight bout between Greene, coached by Kelvin Gastelum, and Robert Whittaker pick Przemyslaw Mysiala. It was billed as a striker vs. grappler matchup and the towering Greene used every bit of his reach advantage to make life miserable for Mysiala before knocking him out in round one.

Mysiala (22-9-1) entered the bout as the most experienced fighter on this season’s cast, but he struggled to close the distance against Greene (5-2) who at 6-foot-7, stood seven-inches taller than the Polish veteran. A straight left stung Mysiala early and he would later be caught by a short punch as he tried to clinch that put him on his backside. He defended well on the ground and was able to slip out, only to be caught by hit by a knee up the middle that again floored him.

Using the cage, Mysiala managed to get back to the feet, where Greene took his time picking him apart with punches, knees, and elbows. Greene, a pro kickboxer who has competed for Glory, punched his ticket to the next round of the TUF 28 heavyweight tournament with an uppercut that left Mysiala completely stiff.

This season of TUF will showcase the two largest male and female divisions in the UFC, heavyweight and featherweight, respectively.

Episode one began with the coaches Gastelum and Whittaker working out the cast before selecting teams. Gastelum won a coin toss and chose to pick the first fight, allowing Whittaker to pick the first fighter.

The draft went as follows (listed in the order they were shown on the broadcast, with Whittaker going first and the picks alternating from there):

Team Whittaker

  1. Anderson da Silva (HW)
  2. Julija Stoliarenko (FW)
  3. Juan Francisco Espino (HW)
  4. Leah Letson (FW)
  5. Michel Batista (HW)
  6. Larissa Pacheco (FW)
  7. Przemyslaw Mysiala (HW)
  8. Katharina Lehner (FW)

Team Gastelum

  1. Ben Sosoli (HW)
  2. Macy Chiasson (FW)
  3. Maurice Greene (HW)
  4. Pannie Kianzad (FW)
  5. Josh Parisian (HW)
  6. Bea Malecki (FW)
  7. Justin Frazier (HW)
  8. Marciea Allen (FW)

Here are the first-round results so far:

Maurice Greene def. Przemyslaw Mysiala via KO (uppercut) in round one

On next week’s episode, Team Gastelum’s Pannie Kianzad fights Team Whittaker’s Katharina Lehner in a featherweight bout.

Season 28 of The Ultimate Fighter is being coached by UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker and top contender Kelvin Gastelum. Gastelum will challenge Whittaker for the middleweight title at a future date to be determined.

The finalists of the TUF 28 heavyweight and featherweight tournaments will compete for a six-figure UFC contract at The Ultimate Fighter 28 Finale on Nov. 30 in Las Vegas.

Here is the TUF 28 roster divided by team:

Team Gastelum

Justin Frazier
Maurice Greene
Josh Parisian
Ben Sosoli

Marciea Allen
Macy Chiasson
Pannie Kianzad
Bea Malecki

Team Whittaker

Michel Batista
Juan Francisco Espino
Przemyslaw Mysiala
Anderson da Silva

Katharina Lehner
Leah Letson
Larissa Pacheco
Julija Stoliarenko

Advancing to Round 2: Greene

Eliminated: Mysiala


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