Many NFL players have said the league is a “brotherhood.” That statement is true when you think about how these men spend several months together each season as they strive toward the ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl. Though there are tons of “gridiron brothers,” the number of blood brothers in the NFL is a lot more exclusive. If blood brothers in the NFL is the club, then its VIP section belongs to the twins in the league.

According to the NCAA, only about 1.6% of college football players make it to the NFL. According to CNN, only four in every 1,000 births in the US are identical twins. The pairs on this list are members of both of these exclusive clubs. Check out the twins of today’s NFL:

The Griffins

Shaquill Griffin, CB Seahawks

Shaquem Griffin, LB Seahawks

Seahawks fans got to know CB Shaquill Griffin last season during his rookie campaign. Shaquill started in 11 games, racking up 50 solo tackles, 15 pass deflections and one interception. The entire league got to know his little brother, Shaquem, before he was even drafted. The LB was the defensive centerpiece on the UCF Knights who went 13-0 and won the 2018 Peach Bowl. Shaquem has used every opportunity (i.e combine, training camp and preseason) to prove that his amniotic band syndrome does not hinder his performance at all. In 2018, the Griffins, who were by each other’s side throughout youth leagues, high school and most of college are now reunited in the Seahawks’ defense.

The McCourtys

Devin McCourty, FS Patriots

Jason McCourty, CB Patriots

The clip above was years before the McCourty brothers were reunited in the Pats’ secondary. We can only imagine the shenanigans they’re getting into now that they’re on the same squad. They officially were united on March 15, Jason McCourty was traded from the Browns to the Patriots. The deal was historic because for the first time in NFL history two sets of twins (the McCourtys and Griffins) were simultaneously on NFL rosters together.

Devin is a two-time Super Bowl champion and a two-time Pro Bowler. Devin is the older McCourty brother so it’d make sense that his “little bro” would take after him while learning the Patriot way. Jason gets to reunite with his older brother while also bolstering the Patriots secondary. Jason racked up three interceptions — including a pick-six — in 2017.

The Pounceys

Maurkice Pouncey, C, Steelers

Mike Pouncey, C, Chargers

The Pouncey twins are the most decorated pair on this list, combined they have nine Pro Bowl appearances and two All-Pro First Team selections. The fact that they both play the same position is just the icing on the cake. Unlike the other twins on this list, they are not playing together. Long distance twinning is still powerful, but being with on the same team with your literal other half is next level.

The Hollisters

Jacob Hollister, TE Patriots

Cody Hollister, WR Patriots

Everyone’s been talking about the McCourtys, but the Hollister twins were the original Pats twins. In 2017, the Hollisters joined the Pats as unsigned free agents — Jacob served as the third-string TE while Cody was a WR on the practice squad. Unfortunately Cody recently suffered a back injury which will require surgery. However, some think that Jacob could fill the void left by Julian Edelman at the beginning of the season.


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