NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 26: Kevin Hayes

The 2017-2018 Arizona Coyotes continued the trend of the typical Coyotes’ team. They finished near the bottom of the league standings and selected at the top of the draft.

Yet again, the Arizona Coyotes were, well, the Coyotes. The Coyotes finished third to last in the NHL. In this summer’s draft, they selected fifth overall, as they dropped two positions due to the lottery.

The Coyotes should look to continue their young player’s progression in the coming season, as the team boasts a mix of young, but raw, talent and veteran players. However, with the moves made by the team in the last few offseasons, it seems as though the front office plans on contending sooner, rather than later.

This coming season will either be a serious stepping stone or a massive speed bump for the Coyotes. The team continues to add young talent, but they continue to under-perform. Will the New York Rangers’ rebuild start like the Coyotes’ constant turnover, or will the Broadway Blueshirts learn from the mistakes being made in the desert?


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