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Exclusive: Process to elect ICC war crimes prosecutor stalls amid U.S. sanctions

Washington’s decision to impose financial sanctions on the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is overshadowing the search for her successor, with countries deadlocked over a post that has new visibility as the target of American anger.


Exclusive: Bolivia’s President-elect Arce says ‘no role’ for Morales in new government

Arce swept to power in a Sunday ballot, with the official count – technically still underway – showing him with a majority of the vote, ushering the Andean country’s socialists back into office just a year after Morales left.



Republicans running short on time and money to defend Senate majority

Republicans are running short of time, money and options to stop Democrats from winning a majority of seats in the U.S. Senate, and with them full control of Congress, in an election that is now only two weeks away.


Trump to campaign in Pennsylvania as early voting surges past 35 million mark

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump planned to rally his supporters in the swing state of Pennsylvania on Tuesday, as the number of early ballots cast in the contest between him and Democrat Joe Biden passed 35 million with two weeks of voting to go.



U.S. says Google breakup may be needed to end violations of antitrust law

The U.S. sued Google on Tuesday, accusing the $1 trillion company of illegally using its market muscle to hobble rivals in the biggest challenge to the power and influence of Big Tech in decades.


Netflix falls short on new subscribers as pandemic boost fizzles

Netflix Inc on Tuesday posted the weakest subscriber gains in four years as streaming competition increased, pandemic restrictions eased and live sports returned to television.



Yazidi Iraqi keeps tradition alive of arak-making from dates

BASHIQA, Iraq (Reuters) – Saad Hussein, a 42-year-old Yazidi Iraqi, is one of the last in the northern region of Nineveh producing the anise-flavoured spirit, arak, from local dates.


Eating like the English? French curfew puts early dinner on menu

Restaurateur Pascal Mousset has a new menu he hopes will persuade his patrons to change the habit of a lifetime in response to Paris’s coronavirus curfew, by – perish the thought – eating dinner as early as the English.



Man United, Liverpool in talks to join new European super league – report

Manchester United and Liverpool are in talks with Europe’s elite clubs to join a new FIFA-backed competition that would reshape soccer’s global landscape, Sky News reported on Tuesday.


Chelsea frustrated in 0-0 draw with Sevilla

Chelsea were frustrated by a disciplined Sevilla as their opening Group E fixture in the Champions League ended in a cagey 0-0 draw at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday.




Trump to campaign in Pennsylvania

President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally on Tuesday in Erie, Pennsylvania.

20 Oct 19:00 ET / 23:00 GMT


Biden risk looms for Turkey’s Erdogan and record-low lira

Turkey stands to lose more than most other countries if Joe Biden is elected president and toughens the U.S. stance as expected against President Tayyip Erdogan’s more militarized foreign policy in recent years. Investors and analysts say the beleaguered Turkish lira is especially vulnerable if a Biden White House pulls the trigger on long-threatened sanctions over Ankara’s purchase of Russian S-400 missiles.

21 Oct


Barrett holds key to post-election voting litigation

An order issued by the U.S. Supreme Court this week shows that Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s nominee for the court’s open seat, would hold tremendous power if the justices ends up deciding the winner of the presidential election like they did in 2000.

21 Oct


Spain’s hospitals struggle with increase in covid cases

Spain’s hospitals struggle with increase in covid cases

21 Oct


Saudi hosts G20 woman summit, amid rights groups criticism over female detainees

Saudi Arabia, as G20 host this year, will host a virtual Women 20 (W20) summit to discuss a more equitable future for women. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch urge participants to discuss Saudi’s treatment of women and imprisonment of women activists during the summit.

21 Oct


Colombian unions to hold national strike, latest in string of recent demonstrations

Colombian unions will hold a national strike with marches expected around the country. The demonstrations are the latest in an extended series of protests against the social and economic policies of President Ivan Duque and over issues like police brutality and the murder of human rights activists.

21 Oct


Former President Obama hits the campaign trail for his former second in command ahead of election

Democratic former President Barack Obama campaigns in person for the first time for his former second-in-command, Joe Biden, 13 days before the U.S. presidential election.

21 Oct


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson takes questions in parliament

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson takes questions in parliament.

21 Oct


Czech government extraordinary session as coronavirus epidemic escalates

The Czech government meets in an extraordinary session to discuss coronavirus situation as it has not succeeded to tame the recent surge in new cases, hospitalisations and deaths.

21 Oct 02:00 ET / 06:00 GMT


Polish parliament to discuss bill to fight coronavirus

The Polish parliament is to resume an emergency debate on new rules to boost the number of medics available to treat COVID-19 cases, after Poland reported on Tuesday its second steepest daily rise in the number of cases since the start of the pandemic.

21 Oct 03:00 ET / 07:00 GMT


Lebanon’s president speaks ahead of consultations on new PM

Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun delivers a public address, a day before he is due to consult parliamentary parties to nominate a new prime minister to tackle the country’s worst crisis since the 1975-1990 civil war.

21 Oct 05:00 ET / 09:00 GMT


These voters sat out 2016. Now they could determine the next U.S. president

Iowa resident LeAnne Putman-Thomas has watched her country pursue wars, endure recessions and elect its first Black president. Yet the 53-year-old never felt compelled to vote. That changed this month, when she went to an early voting center to cast a ballot for Democrat Joe Biden, or, more accurately to vote out Republican incumbent Donald Trump.

21 Oct 06:00 ET / 10:00 GMT



Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga wraps up first foreign trip in Jakarta

Japan’s new Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga wraps up his first overseas trip since taking office in September and will give a news conference in Jakarta, a day after meeting Indonesian President Joko Widodo, during which Suga pledged to expedite the transfer of defence equipment and technology while stressing the importance of keeping regional peace amid China’s assertiveness.

21 Oct 23:00 ET / 03:00 GMT


Final week of trial against partner of Norway’s ex-justice minister

Prosecutors are due this week to wrap up their case against the partner of Norway’s former justice minister for allegedly fabricating threats that ended up costing the minister his job. Laila Anita Bertheussen, who was arrested in March 2019, has declared herself innocent of the charges

21 Oct


United Airlines tests international health app to reopen borders

United Airlines is set on Wednesday to trial a digital health app where passengers from London Heathrow to Newark Liberty International can verify COVID-19 test results, part of a global effort to open reopen borders.

21 Oct 01:00 ET / 05:00 GMT


Britain’s Metro Bank gives Q3 trading update

Britain’s Metro Bank will give a brief update on third quarter performance, focused on whether loans and deposits have grown or shrunk as the COVID-19 pandemic hits the economy.

21 Oct 02:00 ET / 06:00 GMT


Federal Reserve Board Governor Brainard speaks on “Economic and Monetary Policy Outlook”

Federal Reserve Board Governor Lael Brainard speaks on “Economic and Monetary Policy Outlook” before the Post-COVID Policy Challenges for the Global Economy, online conference hosted by the Society of Professional Economists.

21 Oct 08:50 ET / 12:50 GMT


Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank President Mester speaks on monetary policy

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland President Loretta Mester speaks on monetary policy before virtual Money Macro and Finance Society Annual Monetary and Financial Policy Conference.

21 Oct 10:00 ET / 14:00 GMT



Tropical storm Saudel brings heavy rain to Philippines, Vietnam ready for more harsh weather

Tropical storm Saudel is set to bring heavy rains and the risk of landslides as it moves across the main island of the Philippines on Wednesday, putting authorities in Vietnam on alert for even more heavy rainfall after weeks of adverse weather that has devastated its central region, killing more than 100 people and causing floods that are submerging villages and crops

21 Oct



Lebanon’s spiraling economic crisis

A financial meltdown on a scale never seen before in Lebanon has raised fears for the country’s stability as multiple crises add to the gravity of its economic collapse.

21 Oct


UN envoy for Libya holds press conference mid-way through week-long talks on ceasefire

Stephanie Turco Williams, Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, gives press conference at the UN in Geneva mid-way through week-long talks of the Joint Military Commission as the world body seeks a ceasefire in the war and a demilitarised zone in central Libya.

21 Oct 03:15 ET / 07:15 GMT


INSIGHT – Iraqi leader battles pressure from friends and foes in security crackdown

Since taking office in May, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, has sought to reduce the stranglehold Iran-backed militias have developed on large parts of Iraq’s security forces since the U.S.-led ouster of Saddam Hussein in 2003. But he operates in a complicated political reality that limits his ability to make changes, say security officials, militia leaders, senior politicians and Western diplomats.

21 Oct 06:00 ET / 10:00 GMT



Pandemic forces galleries to abandon global ambitions

Museums and art galleries have reopened around the world after COVID lockdowns, but they can still struggle to pull in a crowd — and not simply because art lovers are nervous of gathering indoors.

21 Oct


Monitoring coronavirus situation in Spain

Monitoring coronavirus situation in Spain

21 Oct 06:00 ET / 10:00 GMT



Kenyan documentary spotlights activist torn between family and the struggle

Kenyan documentary “Softie” opens in 2013 with Njeri Mwangi standing in a doorway, light illuminating a sleepy toddler on her hip as her husband Boniface sieves buckets of clotted blood outside.

21 Oct 07:00 ET / 11:00 GMT


Pope Francis documentary due to premiere in Rome

A new documentary with exclusive access to Pope Francis titled ‘Francesco’ and directed by Evgeny Afineevsky will premiere at Rome’s Film Festival.

21 Oct 10:00 ET / 14:00 GMT

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