It was truly a dog day of summer.

While their masters were enjoying the barbecue, many of our canine friends were enjoying a dip in the pool on Monday.

The county Department of Parks and Recreation allowed pet dogs to join their owners in a swim at any of six public pools during the “Pooches in the Pool” event.

The event was across the county, from Sylmar to  Altadena. In Granada Hills, the pooches took to the pool at the Knollwood Country Club.

According to Animal Planet, with all their natural instintcs – digging, barking, being lovable – they are not all naturally gifted swimmers. In fact, while some have the physical ability to swim, they also have a mortal fear of water.

That said, many breeds can learn to be excellent swimmers.

Hopefully, some were out in the pool on Monday – enjoying a Labor Day in the pool.



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