Millbury High School girls’ volleyball senior co-captain Lauren Kelly

MILLBURY — Every coach in every sport relishes the opportunity to have that singularly dynamic athlete who can be counted on to produce from start to finish. Millbury High School girls’ volleyball head coach Mike McKeon just happens to be one of the fortunate ones to enjoy such a luxury with senior co-captain Lauren Kelly out there front and center for the maroon and gold.

“On the court, Lauren is one of the only players we have that stays on the floor for all six rotations,” said McKeon. “She is a player that, just knowing that she’s on the court, gives you a sense of calm and confidence because she can handle any ball in any position. Lauren understands the hard work and dedication that is necessary to be successful, but she also is able to keep things in perspective in regards to what is best for the team and as much as she wants to be on the court for every single point, she understands that sometimes it’s her turn to give a younger, less experienced teammate some playing time. Lauren’s value to our team and program goes way beyond her statistics.”


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