Who Gets Fired on Below Deck Season 5?


The second stew on Season 5 of Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean Lara Flumiana has already quit the show after just two episodes on the season.

In those two episodes, Flumiana was already at odds with the chief stew, Hannah Ferrier. After butting heads multiple times, Lara met up with Captain Sandy Yawn and Hannah.

“Hannah’s your boss, Hanna’s gonna tell you what to do,” Sandy said to Lara, and later she called Lara’s energy a “f**k you energy.”

They seemed to come to an agreement, but Lara left the boat the next morning before 6 a.m. She finally radioed Sandy, telling her to meet her on the dock and refusing to set foot on the boat. Sandy told her “Good Morning!” before Lara began talking.

“I’m not feeling comfortable anymore, I would like to leave,” Lara told her. “So thanks for everything, you will find someone else… it’s just not working.”

Hannah Ferrier Said Lara Was Insubordinate

In an interview with Decider, Hannah said that she had never worked with such an insubordinate stewardess before.

“That was very difficult because when I’m used to attitude with stewardesses, it’s like a little roll of the eye or they walk away a little bit too quickly when I’m telling them something,” she said. “That’s frustrating, but this chick had her boxing gloves on when she joined the boat. It was very difficult to deal with someone that’s telling you, on day two, to get your shit together. It’s just unbelievable.”

She said there was nothing she could do with Lara and she was not unhappy to see her leave, saying it would actually be easier for her to have no help than to have someone insubordinate.

Lara Could Be Replaced by ‘Below Deck Med’ Alum Bugsy

It’s possible that Lara could be replaced by Below Deck Med alum Christine “Bugsy” Drake. She previously worked on the show alongside Hannah in Season 2, and she is still in the yachting business.

With Hannah leaving the show as well, it’s possible it could be an audition-type situation to become Chief Stew for season 6 of the show. There has been no confirmation regarding who could replace Ferrier next season, but Captain Sandy Yawn has said previously that Bugsy is Chief Stew material, and Bugsy is already Chief Stew on another Yacht.

Reddit user u/burntpizz believes the replacement for Bugsy could be Conrad, and other users like u/madi154 believe that it could be Bugsy since Hannah looked uncomfortable in the promotions and Captain Sandy has spoken about Bugsy recently.

“Bugsy should be a chief stew,” Yawn said previously. “No matter what. Particularly on this charter? No, Hannah’s the chief stew.”

Unlike others who have left the show, Drake still has a career in yachting, according to her Instagram.

She even recently talked about being chief stew and shared some tips, writing, “Although my day to day running is still extremely busy without guests on board, I wanted to take this time to also create a somewhat collaborative project with all of you.”

She continued, saying that she absolutely loved working in hospitality.

“I love to set tables, throw themed parties, whip up delicious and different cocktails and would love to reach out and play with new ideas or share with you anything you might want to know (tips and tricks for cleaning, setting up or entertaining your guests… no matter the location,” she added. “From throwing a boozy brunch to a more upscale dinner party) napkin folds, toilet paper folds, you name it and I will show it or try it and post it.”

Below Deck Med airs on Bravo on Mondays at 8 p.m.

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