by Lucie Roy

The Morinville Curling Club has been active for the last few weeks, but not with curling. Renovations have been actively underway at the facility.

Lisa St.-Onge, President of the Morinville Curling Club said they received a grant in December of 2017, making it possible to give it a facelift all at once.

“We are very excited about the upgrades being done at the Morinville Curling Club. We are having a lift installed to give those with limited mobility the opportunity to view curling from the upstairs lounge and to participate in the many social events held at the club. As well, we are updating the lounge upstairs with a new layout for the bar and kitchen, as well as new flooring throughout. The work is only about halfway done at this point but should be completed by registration on September 14th”, said St.-Onge.”

On the main floor, the lift shaft is close to the entrance to the building and the actual lift should arrive next week. The coat rack was downsized to accommodate the items for storage and besides new flooring the rest of the work is being done upstairs. Nothing is being done to the ice surface.

“We are not going over to the new facility,” St. Onge said. “We are not slated anytime soon because the building has had engineering studies done on it and it is still good for at least another 15 years.- just the curling club.”

St-Onge said the ice plant is shared with the arena but is located on the curling club side, so it is staying.
The Community Facility Enhancement Program from the government provided a matching grant of $119,283.

Steve Hutchings was presented a cheque on behalf of the Club in March 2018 and said they were going to redo the roof, install a lift for seniors and the disabled and put new flooring throughout the facility, with $100,000 towards the lift and $20,000 for the flooring throughout the facility.


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