100-114 mm Freeride Skis

Meant for hard-charging skiers, these stiffer planks Slot Gacor versatility in all-mountain situations and enough width underfoot to handle deep days. The skis in this category are the best big mountain skis and love consequential fall line descents, dropping big cliffs and power bombing couloirs.

1. Line Vision 108

Buy Now – $900

Line Vision 108  best big-mountain skis

If you see yourself charging the burliest terrain your home resort has to offer, the brand new Vision 108 is the ski for you. The top rated 100-114 freeride ski of 2020 features a paulownia and maple wood core for a featherweight fighter that packs a knockout punch. An aramid, carbon and fiberglass combo laminate helps strengthen up the Vision, too, adding dampening properties for a ski as cool as the other side of the pillow.

2. HEAD KORE 105

Buy Now – $875

HEAD KORE 105 best big-mountain skis

The KORE 105 has been a favorite of freeride skiers everywhere since its release in 2017 thanks to its supreme combination of power and light weight. HEAD pairs karuba wood with Graphene, Koroyd and carbon—all sporting incredible strength-to-weight ratios—in a sandwich sidewall construction to achieve a ski with the weight of a touring plank and the aggressiveness of a big-mountain charger, allowing you to ski longer with less effort.

3. Line Sakana

Buy Now – $900

Line Sakana best big-mountain skis

The Sakana is proof that, sometimes, taking the road less traveled is the best option. Sporting a swallowtail shape and camber throughout its majority, these ninjas are made to crank turns on hard snow, but an early rise tip and wide shovel also allows them to surf with the best of ‘em when the going gets deep. Inside, a paulownia and maple wood core work together to provide a solid balance of weight savings and stability.

4. Elan Ripstick 106 Black Edition

Buy Now – $1,050

Elan took the highly-touted Ripstick 106, made for charging at high speeds, and implemented lighter carbon materials for a stiffer feel without added weight, and a sleek, sexy black carbon finish for a look that’s as jaw-dropping as its performance. The Ripstick utilizes a combination of carbon tubes running the entirety of the ski, as well as “advanced composites” in the tip to enhance the paulownia-beech-poplar wood core for race car speed with Porsche-like smoothness.

5. Folsom Primary

Buy Now – $949

Folsom Primary best big-mountain skis

It’s all in the name: Folsom wants the Primary to be your number-one option, day in and day out. The Primary’s shape combines a full-length sidecut and a rocker-camber-rocker profile, translating to a ski that’s powerful and stable, yet incredibly easy to turn and pivot. It’s the ideal blend of freeride and freestyle characteristics. With waist widths varying between 107 and 114 millimeters underfoot, depending on length, it can serve a western skier whether there’s a foot of fresh or leftover chop suey.

6. 4FRNT MSP 107

Buy Now – $669


The wider of the two Matt Sterbenz pro models, the 107 is an aggressive ski made for slaying powder, crud and, well, any snow condition you find. 4FRNT sandwiches a light, responsive poplar wood core between layers of Titanal to yield a ski capable of ransacking the mountain like Daenerys when she took down Kings’ Landing. A special neoprene insert in the tip of the ski smooths out the ride and helps prevent de-lamination and destruction of your skis.

7. Salomon QST 106

Buy Now – $900

Salomon QST 106

The beloved QST 106 got an upgrade over the past year thanks to a new shape geared for better turn initiation and the addition of cork in the tip and tail to dampen out the ride and make bone-rattling descents a thing of the past. The QST still features a poplar wood core and a carbon fiber and basalt blend to aid in power and stability. For reference, Cody Townsend relied heavily on these planks for his web series, The FIFTY, so they’ll obviously turn you into a badass skier the moment you click into them.

8. Icelantic Pioneer 109

Buy Now – $699

Icelantic’s big-mountain freeride offering is built for burly good times. It combines tip and tail rocker with camber underfoot and tapered extremities in order to push the limits all across the mountain—trees, cliffs, powder, bumps, chop, you name it, it can handle it. Inside, a poplar wood core works to provide power, stability and torsional rigidity, while maintaining a damp, smooth-as-butter feel no matter where you decide to take it.

9. K2 Mindbender 108Ti

Buy Now – $900

K2 Mindbender 108Ti

The new Mindbender 108Ti is, quite frankly, a whole buttload of fun. K2 is utilizing what it calls a Titanal Y-Beam in this ski: A specially-shaped Titanal strip runs up the gut from the tail, widens edge-to-edge underfoot and splays like a fork in the tip. Turn initiation is greatly improved by placing the metal close to the edges but away from the neutral axis in the tip; the ski gets extra umph and stability underfoot; and the metal in the center of the tail, away from the edges, keeps the rear solid but able to drift if needed. Feel like having your mind bent this winter? Do ya?

10. Faction Dicatator 3.0

Buy Now – $849

Faction Dicatator 3.0

This year’s Dictator series is a bit more accessible to the masses, meaning it’s easier to ski, but still packs the angry attitude you’d find in any authoritarian tyrant—it’s meant for the hardest charging skiers. It boasts twin layers of Titanal with a slightly more forgiving flex and an elliptical sidecut that ensures skiers are never completely locked into a turn, so they can scrub speed or switch direction on a dime. Wiggle down that powder field or arc huge turns across that open bowl, the Dictator 3.0 accommodates both.

11. Armada Tracer 108

Buy Now – $875

Armada Tracer 108

Armada’s TRACER 108 made its debut to rave reviews last year, with testers loving its combination of maneuverability and bite. The Park City-based brand made some tweaks to further improve its strength-to-weight ratio for 2019-20. A poplar and caruba wood core sheds weight without compromise, while increased use of fiberglass gives it strength and a variable angle mesh weave with Titanal reinforcement work to quiet the ski for descents akin to magic carpet rides. The TRACER 108 is ready to show you a whole new world out there on the snow.

12. DPS Alchemist Wailer 110 C2

Buy Now – $1,299

DPS took its successful Wailer 112 and altered its shape slightly (cutting a few millimeters underfoot, of course), catering to those interested in a more hard-charging than playful ski. The C2 version has slightly less taper and not as an aggressive sidecut, and the straighter shape provides more edge contact and stability to really lay ‘er up on the snow. This ski’s rocker profile is also toned down, especially in the tail, although it can still handle the deep stuff and pivot on a dime. If your favorite trick is a straightline, well, this might be your soulmate.

13. J skis The Metal

Buy Now – $699

 J skis The Metal

The Metal has been the powerhouse offering of J skis for several years, and our testers still love it. Like the majority of skis in this category, The Metal balances incredible power with supreme weight savings. J runs a narrow strip of Titanal down the center of the ski (on the top and bottom of the maple wood core), ending before the tips to provide a stable platform and dampening properties, but not take away from the comfortable swing weight and liveliness of the ski. Channel your inner Slayer with The Metal.

14. Rossignol Soul 7 HD

Buy Now – $850

Rossignol Soul 7 HD

You’ve seen Rossignol’s Soul 7 at ski resorts the world over. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular options on the planet. Why? It’s damn near effortless to ski. Rossignol reduces weight in the ski’s tip, tail and outline to center the ski underfoot and make it easier to engage, while a carbon-basalt diagonal weave incorporated into the ski from tip to tail controls vibrations and provides Schwarzenegger-like strength. The Soul 7 HD is here to Pump. You. Up.

15. Blizzard Rustler 10

Buy Now – $840

Everyone who knows Blizzard’s Rustler series knows these puppies are built like race cars. There is no speed limit for these dragsters. Blizzard employs a proprietary construction technique, dubbed Carbon Flipcore DRT, that utilizes specially shaped Titanal that runs through the gut of the ski for great torsional stiffness, while framed unidirectional carbon in the tip and tail provides dampness and even more torsional strength in the extremities. A rocker-camber-rocker profile helps boost this ski’s versatility, too.

100-114 mm Freestyle Skis

With waist widths ideal for everyday western conditions, these skis are often built with a mix of rocker and camber and have more playful flex patterns. Skiers with a freestyle background who prefer a bit more girth underfoot will go berserk over these planks.

1. Nordica Enforcer 110 Free

Buy Now – $900

Nordica Enforcer 110 Free best big mountain skis

After assaulting the ski area on the Enforcer 110 Free, you’ll have the entire mountain begging for mercy. A 110 millimeter width underfoot, early rise in the tip and tail and a poplar and balsa wood core makes this a powder-plundering plank with lots of pop and play for a variety of winter conditions. Two sheets of Titanal stiffen this puppy up to stomp big landings and hold on for high-speed runouts. Charging skiers will be hard-pressed to find any terrain the Enforcer 110 can’t dominate.

2. Folsom Gambit 113

Buy Now – $949

Folsom Gambit 113

Folsom’s original powder ski is hitting the slopes in 2020 with a few design improvements that make all the difference. First, the brand narrowed the Gambit’s platform from 118 to 113 millimeters to maintain float in the pow while also making it more versatile for skiers who prefer a wider daily driver. Second, the Gambit’s five-point taper was reduced to improve edge-to-edge transitions and enhance stability at high speeds. Maintaining its poplar and bamboo core with carbon fiber stringers, this ski will surf in the deep and stand up to whatever the day’s conditions may be.

3. DPS Alchemist Wailer 100 RP

Buy Now – $1,299

DPS Alchemist Wailer 100 RP

Brand-new to the DPS Wailer lineup is the Alchemist Wailer 100 RP. Short for “resort powder,” the RP shape comes with a shorter 15 meter radius and effective edge to promote easy pivoting in tight lines while its Alchemist construction–an aspen wood core sandwiched between two pure prepreg carbon fiber laminates–makes it a powerful and reactive hard carver. At 100 millimeters underfoot, the resort is this ski’s favorite place to play, but it can certainly hold its own if you decide to venture out of bounds. The Alchemist Wailer 100 RP is your ticket to all-mountain bliss.

4. 4FRNT Devastator

Buy Now – $599

4FRNT Devastator

A fan-favorite season after season, 4FRNT’s Devastator is back in the FREESKIER Buyer’s Guide for 2020 and 15 percent lighter than its former self. The ski’s reduced poplar wood core weight combined with a reverse camber profile promotes premium float on fresh, while matching the ski’s sidecut with the rocker profile creates a carving machine. The Devastator will destroy whatever conditions come your way, all day, every day.

5. Faction Prodigy 3.0

Buy Now – $799

Faction Prodigy 3.0

Inspired by its bigger brother, the Prodigy 3.0 from Faction utilizes the same shape, construction and materials as the 4.0 in a more versatile waist width, making it an all-mountain all-star. A poplar and ash wood core blend makes this ski both poppy, yet incredibly sturdy for a playful, confident ride. A directional twin tip shape provides more control when navigating tight spaces and the dual radius sidecut–shorter in the front and longer in the back–will accommodate every turn angle you take. As its topsheet suggests, the Prodigy 3.0 slaps the bass. Hard.

6. Nordica Enforcer 104 Free

Buy Now – $850

Nordica Enforcer 104 Free best big mountain skis

Nordica expands the Enforcer family with the Enforcer 104 Free, all-new for 2019-20. The ski offers the same powder-plundering capabilities as its bigger siblings, but with more versatility because of its slimmer waist. Nordica reduced the amount of ABS plastic in the tip for lower swing weight and implemented full-length carbon strips in the chassis to handle big drops and high-speed runouts–allowing it to truly float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. From a few inches of fresh to chewed up chunder, the Enforcer 104 Free is a do-everything son of a gun.

7. Fischer Ranger 102 FR

Buy Now – $699.99

Fischer Ranger 102 FR

Two for two on Buyer’s Guide appearances, Fischer’s Ranger 102 FR is back for 2020, unchanged. This playful plank sports a near-twin tip shape with rockered tips and tails, perfect for when a new blanket of fresh falls. Its camber underfoot and an edge-to-edge arc on the surface of the ski–dubbed Aeroshape–provides the power you need to plow through chewed-up crud, making this one of the most versatile skis in the legendary Ranger line. The Ranger 102 FR ain’t picky—she’ll ski anything.

8. Icelantic Nomad 105

Buy Now – $729

Icelantic Nomad 105

Since it debuted in 2012, the Nomad 105 has ruled wherever it’s laid its edges into, making it Icelantic’s number-one-selling ski. More versatile than a Swiss Army Knife, the Nomad continues to impress our testers with its ability to go from groomed corduroy to a few inches of fresh to hard bumps like it’s nothin’. Tip and tail rocker with camber underfoot provide control and performance no matter the conditions, a poplar wood core with triaxial braided fiberglass boosts the ski’s strength without sacrificing its swift character and a middle-of-the-road turn radius allows for both quick transitions and long arcs across entire faces.

9. Folsom Completo

Buy Now – $899

Folsom Completo

As its name suggests, the Completo from Colorado-based ski company Folsom is the complete package when it comes to a freestyle ski. Its rocker profile, with a progressive rise in the tip and tail, provides optimum float while camber underfoot gives it power and versatility in any kind of snow condition. A bamboo and poplar wood core accounts for the ski’s fun and flirty personality, making this an all-around good time. As with any Folsom ski, the Completo is also customizable to match your exact style.

10. Atomic Bent Chetler 100

Buy Now – $725

The Bent Chetler 100 is back for its second season and turning the funk
up to 11. Implementing Atomic’s HRZN Tech–horizontally rockered ABS sidewalls–into the tip and tail, this Bent Chetler babe can surf, cut and press like its daddy, but its smaller waist width and semi-directional shape makes it a versatile beast in varying conditions. Decked out in creator Chris Benchetler’s signature artwork, these planks look as fun as they ski. Buyers be warned: Your other skis might get jealous about how much time you’re spending with these psychedelic butter sticks.

11. Line Sir Francis Bacon

Buy Now – $800

Line Sir Francis Bacon

The Bacon is back and all-new for 2019-20. The king of powder skiing, Eric Pollard, has spent years trying to figure out how to make a ski that performs more like a surfboard and this season’s Sir Francis Bacon achieves that with a convex tip and tail. Adding dimensionality to the way the ski can be pressed, the new Bacon slashes better, butters smoother, floats so well you feel like you’re levitating and gets you going to butt-clenching speeds. No stranger to FREESKIER’s Buyer’s Guide, Line and Pollard created the ultimate all-mountain freestyle ski in a wider 107 millimeter waist width for more versatility all over the mountain.

12. Armada ARV 106

Buy Now – $700

Armada ARV 106

Part of Armada’s playful ARV series, the ARV 106 had our testers hootin’ and hollerin’ from top to bottom, through powder, bumps and even crud. Made to work hard and play harder, the ARV 106 boasts a reinforced sidewall construction to absorb chatter at high speeds and any rails, walls or concrete you may come in contact with on your average ski day. A poplar wood core with ash wood stringers along the length of the ski boosts this plank’s playfulness and gives you a little extra pop when you want it. From riding the white wave to sparking up an urban feature, the ARV 106 is a key contender.

13. Liberty Origin 106

Buy Now – $800

Liberty Origin 106

The Origin 106 from Avon, Colorado-based Liberty has become a FREESKIER Buyer’s Guide regular for its bombproof construction and all-mountain versatility. Built using the brand’s SpeedCore construction–poplar and bamboo wood core combined with two carbon fiber stringers–the Origin is made to crush whatever comes your way on the mountain. At 106 millimeters underfoot with a rocker-camber-rocker profile, this ski can float after a good dump, but will flush you out cleanly when conditions get messy.

14. Lib Tech UFO 105

Buy Now – $649.99

Lib Tech UFO 105

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s Lib Tech’s UFO 105! Made to turn the entire mountain into one freestyle paradise, the UFO is Lucas Wachs’ first choice for a good time at his home, Mt. Bachelor, and for good reason. Extended-edge contact zones allow for rowdy hardpack laps, while a squared shape on both ends will have you hovering over the fresh. Lib Tech’s Magne-Traction serrated edges give you that extra grip for when the conditions try throwing you around. Take your skiing to a whole new dimension on the UFO 105.

15. J skis The Vacation

Buy Now – $629

J skis The Vacation

Like every good vacation spot, sometimes it’s fun to switch things up, as did Jason Levinthal with his proprietary all-about-fun ski, The Vacation. Coming in at 104 millimeters (mm) underfoot–two mm narrower than past years–and adding taper in the tips and a more playful flex than before, the 2020 Vacation is an absolute butter machine. A maple wood core with carbon fiber stringers keep this ski light without sacrificing strength and full-height sidewalls add stability for supreme jibbing all over the damn hill. Take a Vacation from your regular fat-ski design.


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